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About us

(English: Hot Pot); Hotto potto is a restaurant that provides hot pot cuisine with fresh ingredients. It integrates the fresh and delicious flavor culture of Chinese hot pot into the life of americans. The unique flavor of hot pot attracts tourists from all walks of life and local people who love delicious food. Hotto potto is located in the eastern United States, universal studios in Orlando, Florida, adjacent to the Disney amusement park and nearby, the boss Aidi is a chinese-american, engaged in the management of Chinese food for decades, is a well experienced Chinese cuisine chefs and operator, for many years experience in food industry to her for hotto potto ingredients selection and make strict, everything the production of both the United States, and retained and hot pot in the tradition of Chinese culture, let tactfully unifies in together. Hotto potto team constantly strict requirements, adhere to the sincere service and delicious dishes to welcome visitors from all over the world, our business philosophy is: smell and come, diners laugh!about


Our Restaurant

Try our prepared specials, or let us introduce you to hot pot, the traditional way to savor Asian cuisine. Start with a broth base of your choice, made with premium ingredients and ranging from non- to numb-spicy. Choose your favorite meats, vegetables, and seafood, then give it that final touch with our fresh, homemade sauces. Come in and experience this healthy and flavorful style of dining and let’s start cooking!

We’re a great option for vegetarians and vegans and those with gluten sensitivities or any other dietary restrictions. Take a look at our menu and feel free to call, email, or connect on social media with any questions you may have.


Our Homemade Sauces

We make our own sauces so you can add authentic Asian flavor to your hot pot meal. Each sauce has its own character and can stand alone or be mixed with other sauces for even more exciting flavor. Feel free to experiment with different combinations or just stick with what you know. It’s entirely up to you!

Our sauces are also available for sale! Each one is ready to use as a marinade or rub, a topping or dip, in stir fry or soup, with noodles or rice — the possibilities are endless!

Try these homemade, all natural sauces in your kitchen for quick and easy meals with full-on flavor. Buy in house, at local retailers, or in our online shop.

1700 N Semoran Blvd Ste. 118
Orlando, FL 32807


Monday – Saturday: Sunday: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.


(407) 930-5366

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