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Posted by on Feb 22, 2019 in News, Photo Galleries, Slider, Uncategorized

Winter hot pot must be ordered with dishes, you deserve to have.

Winter hot pot must be ordered with dishes, you deserve to have.


Hot pot is the most popular selection in winter. Nothing is more ambient than dining with relatives and friends on a cold winter and moonlight day. It’s simply the first choice to warm your heart and stomach.

On Christmas Eve the other day, I took my family to an authentic Chongqing hot pot restaurant and ate a refreshing meal.

There are three most important things to consider when eating hot pot: atmosphere, soup selection, and side dishes.

The atmosphere needn’t be said. It’s not bad for a person to dine on hotpot alone while watching the falling snow. But it is more fulfilling to be surrounded by people and bathing in a jubilant atmosphere.

In order to take care of family members who do not eat spicy food, our group ordered mandarin duck pot and chicken soup.
As for the side dishes, they are the soul of hot pot. They cannot be chosen sloppily. Besides all kinds of delicious meat, these side dishes should also be included in the list of obligatory points.

Goose sausage is one of the necessary dishes for Chongqing hot pot. Generally speaking, the thicker the goose sausage is, the better the taste is.
Place goose sausage in hot pot. Count till 15 in your heart. According to the principle of “7 up and 8 down”, take goose sausage and dip it 7-8 times into the broth. The goose sausage tastes the best after this.

At this time, directly bite into the sausage, or dip in a little vinegar and hot oil. Crisp goose sausage with a taste of acidity, and spiciness. Savor it slowly in silence.

Unexpectedly, just by eating goose sausages, interesting drama can also unfold.

Facing at 2 o’clock from our position. A man sitting to the far right seems to hold feelings for the girl on the left. Probably because the girl likes to eat goose sausages, the man keeps offering her food. But is unexpectedly inhibited by the “third wheel” siting right between the two. Even I feel embarrassed by the drama between those three.

Moving on. In most people’s minds, another dish that must be ordered – meatballs.

Fish balls, meatballs, shrimp balls… Put a few of those spheres in the tumbling soup and wait until they slowly boil before you fish them out.

The most chewy is mushroom meatballs, Q-balls, meat flavor often with a trace of mushroom sweetness; if you do not like mushroom flavor, it is better to try ordinary meatballs. Meaty and juicy, a mouth full fragrance with just one bite.

My favorite fish balls are white and round. They can be consider “fresh and tender” . It seems that with just a bite, they will slide straight into my stomach. When eating fish balls, I must eat with caution to avoid being scald by the heat.

Compared with fish balls, there is another kind of meatball that needs to be eaten carefully.

In our direction of 10 o’clock, a man and a woman sat face to face. The stiffness of their limbs can be visually measured, which is likely to be a blind date. Originally, the atmosphere was just right, and the man sat upright, quietly cheering himself up until… He picked up the legendary Q-ball with his chopsticks.

Yes, the Q-bullet which contains rich broth within. In which one bite can cause all the sauce within the meatball to spray out.