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Promoting Our Sauces at The Southern Women’s Show Orlando

Posted by on Oct 22, 2014 in News

We had a great success on the weekend of the Southern Women’s Show Orlando! At our first trade fair, we sold 150 bottles of delicious homemade sauce in four days. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about our products; we’ve just been blown away by the reaction! Women (and men) from central Florida come to the Southern Women’s Program at the Orange County Convention Center to explore new products, watch cooking demonstrations and meet celebrities. On the weekend of October 9-12, thousands of people flocked to the Convention center, many of whom were delighted to taste Hotto Potto’s recipe sauce at Exhibition No. 607. We are very grateful...

And the Hotto Potto Cook Off Winners Are …

Posted by on Oct 10, 2014 in News

  1st and 3rd place – Tanya Tibbets & Amanda White The team of Amanda White and Tanya Tibbets took both first and third place in the Hotto Potto Cook Off. Their winning recipes were Mushroom-Tofu Pearl Balls (3rd) and Ten Flavor Tacos (1st). They took home a whopping $700 in Hotto Potto gift cards. That’s a lot of hot pot! Amanda and Tanya’s recipes used Hotto Potto’s Szechuan Paste, Mushroom, and Szechuan Chili sauces. 2nd place – David Fluss David Fluss’ Pan Cooked Salmon earned him second place in the Hotto Potto Cook Off. His prize was a $300 Hotto Potto gift card. David’s recipe used Hotto Potto’s Sacha, Mushroom, and Szechuan...